The Oldsmobile Lives

The Oldsmobile may have gone to retirement with the GMT360-derived Bravada introduced in 2002 being its last after General Motors phased out the brand in 2004, but the Oldsmobile still lives – at least in the boob tube and in the big screen.

Thanks to Wikipedia, we get to see how the Oldsmobile has become among the most favorite cars to make cameo appearances in television and in the movies, some of the most memorable of which were at:

• Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978) – the stretch Toronado Limo was used.

• Any Which Way You Can (1980) – When Clint Eastwood arrives in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for the big fight, his opponent and friend William Smith is driving a brand-new, red 1980 98 Regency sedan which is featured prominently in the end of the film.

• Lethal Weapon (1987) – Murtaugh drives a 1986 Oldsmobile Delta 88. 1985 Oldsmobile 98 Regency is seen as the villain’s vehicle. Another Oldsmobile appearance was made in the sequel of the film in 1989, where Murtaugh is driving his wife’s brand new Custom Cruiser station wagon, which is slowly and methodically destroyed throughout the movie.

• Turner and Hooch (1989) – this comedy stars Tom Hanks as a police officer who is in charge of a dog that destroys the interior of Hank’s character’s 1989 Oldsmobile 88 Royale Brougham.

• The Hunt for Red October (1990) – Alec Baldwin can be seen getting out of a dark-colored early 1980s 98 Regency just before he enters the White House briefing.

• Demolition Man (1993) – Set mostly in the year 2032, a bright red 1970 Olds 442 is discovered by police officers John Spartan (played by Sylvester Stallone), Lenina Huxley (played by Sandra Bullock) and Alfredo Garcia (played by Benjamin Bratt) in the slums beneath San Angeles. Using an old elevator, the car bursts up through the floor of a modern-day Oldsmobile dealer, and Stallone’s character drives it out of the showroom onto the street, beginning an extensive car chase scene. Many other GM cars and concept vehicles were used in the film including the GM Ultralite, which was featured prominently. Ironically, since Oldsmobile folded in 2004, the Oldsmobile dealer set in the year 2032 is now an anachronism. The dealer was also still using the early-90s version of the Oldsmobile logo, which was replaced only 3 years after the release of the film.

• Get Shorty (1995) – John Travolta’s character is incredulous at being given an Oldsmobile Silhouette minivan for a rental instead of his requested Cadillac, to which the rental clerk responds, “You got the Cadillac of minivans,” a line oft-repeated outside of the movie.

• Fargo (1996) – late 1980s Oldsmobile cars including the Cutlass Ciera and Ninety-Eight Touring Sedan were featured, as William H. Macy’s character was general manager of his father-in-law’s Oldsmobile dealership.

• The X-Files (1998) – an Oldsmobile Intrigue was heavily used by the characters as part of a promotional tie-in between General Motors and the movie’s producers. Earlier on in the series, Oldsmobile Cutlass Cieras were featured.

• The Matrix Reloaded (2003) – many Oldsmobiles are used as cameo vehicles, especially during the famous highway chase scene. Even though the characters never drive an Oldsmobile in the film, there was interaction between Oldsmobiles in the scene. There is one part when Agent Johnson jumps on top of the front of an Aurora, completely destroying the front end and causing the car to do a front flip and land on its roof. Another scene involves the Twins gunning down an Intrigue and shoving it into the divider wall, causing it to do a barrel roll and land on its roof.

And just last year, the Oldsmobile once again graced the screen in the hit movie Cars (2006) where Piston Cup Championship Sportscaster Bob Cutlass, voiced by Bob Costas, is a 1999 Aurora.

The Oldsmobile is best remembered as one of America’s longest producing brand of automobile, made famous by its legendary Rocket V8 engine and popular selling cars, including the Cutlass Surpreme, Ciera, 98, 88 and Toronado.

The Oldsmobile can also be best remembered for producing some of “the firsts” in automotive industry, including the first speedometer, chrome-plated radiator and other Oldsmobile parts, automatic choke, as well as the first fully automatic transmission and first mass-produced, high-compression OHV V8 – and the list goes on.